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outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

  • Uncover the connection culture has to performance

  • Deploy the “levers of cultural change" 

  • Create high-impact employee experience moments

  • Leverage “supply depots” for ensuring long term cultural impact

  • Identify barriers of creative, effective culture

  • Developing “Please and Thank You” moments

As organizations become increasingly team-centric, the workforce becomes both younger and older, technology catalyses faster change, and business challenges grow more global and diverse, fresh challenges in leadership development and shaping culture are emerging.

What we know is that leadership behavior and culture directly impact organizational performance, customer service, employee engagement, and retention. It’s not only about equipping and leading but understanding how to use data and behavioral information to manage and influence culture.

Culture is the competitive advantage in the new business economy.

Culture can determine success or failure in times of change: mergers, growth, new product lines and offerings can either succeed or fail depending on the health and alignment of the organizations culture.

Creating an outstanding culture where people lead, innovate and show up fully engaged provides a long-term competitive advantage by turning challenges and difficulties into strengths while they are still opportunities.