outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

  • Understand the climate required to develop, nature and equip potential leaders

  • Foster a high performance culture for sustaining leadership growth

  • Lift the lid on the career of those around you

  • Build a dream team of leaders for a strong future

  • Deploy a process for turning producers into reproducers

  • Uncover the most important qualities of a great next generation leade


1. Intense competition for Millennial talent who are less loyal than prior generations.

2. Leadership pipelines that are lagging behind current needs (Deloitte)

Today, organizations need to explore new approaches to leadership development. The workforce is becoming both younger and older as Millennials continue to enter as other retire. This shift is creating fresh challenges in leadership development leaving massive gaps in the development pipeline. How leaders adapt to this disruptive change in the workforce will determine tomorrow's success. Leaders must innovate their approach to the millennial experience and development path to keep the pipeline healthy and moving. 

To win the war on talent leaders must not only acquire and keep their emerging leaders but rapidly develop them. What are the qualities of top talent? How do you best adapt to engage and invest in this talent? When you can get it right not only will they stay but they will become the competitive advantage in this new, every changing and complex business economy.

Any company's growth potential is directly related to it’s people potential.

Both practical and inspirational, this program "Developing The Next Gen Leader" is jammed with strategies for leaders who want to effectively develop and cultivate their next generation of leaders. Those who choose to do so will create their own advantage and outperform the market by fostering a high performance culture for sustainable leadership growth.