outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

  • Unleash their team’s potential through the new rules of breakthrough

  • Develop deep insights into the future of performance at work

  • Implement a human development strategy that breathes life into teams

  • Establish the trust and mutual understanding it takes to make an impact

  • Unlock the exponential benefits of alignment between an individual's goals and the team’s goals

It’s easy for fast-moving leaders to forget a foundational truth: Employees are human. They feel a simple, instinctive desire for purpose and meaning, and while we are spending more time than ever at work, most feel stressed, unengaged, and struggling to stay happy. With leaders feeling under pressure to deliver results and find their own fulfillment along the way, the need to recalibrate and rethink employee engagement and human performance has never been more needed.

 According to a recent Gallup study, employees who use their strengths every day are 6x more likely to be engaged on the job. Author and human motivation expert, Josh Schneider, knows that employee engagement is the key to turning an org chart into an effective united team. To achieve sustainable growth and future focused movement an organization must accept this truth. When the right elements and conditions are present, employees naturally trust each other - creating more value and embracing the ever changing business landscape.