Josh’s presentation on understanding millennials in the work place gave us great insight on what our incoming employee workforce expect from their employers and what gives them satisfaction and energy in their jobs. Largely I found that they are quite similar in their expectations to my own generation, but I was not able to see it clearly until Josh explained the differences between the baby boomers and the following gen’s X,Y,Z. I would highly recommend him as a speaker.
— Eric Haug Director - International Executives Association



igniting passion purpose and performance

The world of work offers employees, entrepreneurs and sales professionals a stark contrast between the dream of success and the daily grind it takes to achieve it.

Outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders:

1. Discover innovative techniques designed to unleash their best selves

2. Deploy a framework for how to successfully "play at work"

3. Connect the power of personal engagement to performance



With leaders feeling under pressure to deliver results and find their own fulfillment along the way, the need to recalibrate and rethink employee engagement and human performance has never been more needed.

Outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

1. Unleash their team’s potential through the new rules of breakthrough

2. Develop deep insights into the future of performance at work

3. Implement a human development strategy that breathes life into teams


RETHINKING WORK: Igniting your culture

Creating an outstanding culture where people lead, innovate and show up fully engaged provides a long-term competitive advantage by turning challenges and difficulties into strengths while they are still opportunities.

Outcomes Josh has delivered to help professionals and leaders:

1. Uncover the connection culture has to performance

2. Deploy the “levers of cultural change"

3. Create high-impact employee experience moments


2025: BUILDING nEXT gENERATION tALENT: Gaining an unfair advantage for the future of work

To win the war on talent leaders must not only acquire and keep their emerging leaders but rapidly develop them.

Outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

1. Understand the climate required to develop, nature and equip potential leaders

2. Foster a high performance culture for sustaining leadership growth

3. Lift the lid on the career of those around you