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The world of work offers employees a stark contrast between the dream of success and the daily grind it takes to achieve it. Research shows that most people lose their sense of purpose as obligations pile on, leaving them feeling stuck in unfulfilling jobs and hoping to find fulfillment somewhere else.

In this keynote, author and human motivation expert Joshua Schneider helps attendees innovate their approach to work and tap into a new level of energy and excitement. As individuals rethink their experience and take ownership of their personal engagement, they will create breakthrough results in their current roles and open doors to the next level of success.    

Through fresh research and inspiring stories, this important message drives each attendee to take control of their personal development, overcome barriers, and hold on through challenges. The keynote will serve as a marker in the forward development of those looking for greater fulfillment from their work and daily routines.

outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders:

  • Discover innovative techniques designed to unleash their best selves

  • Deploy a framework for how to successfully "play at work"

  • Connect the power of personal engagement to performance

  • Break free from constant energy drains

  • Leverage problems into focused opportunities for growth