Tingly feeling journey 3.png

The Tingly Feeling is more than just a simple feeling - IT’S A REACTION! When we experience this Tingly Feeling in our work - it creates an explosive release of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

As these chemical’s surge through our brain, body and heart - who we are lights up like a young child on Christmas morning. Those feelings of unfiltered energy, excitement, and engagement are what we crave as humans. Yet when it comes to work, we can go days and weeks without them, leaving work dry and uninspiring.

Work that was once filled with passion, excitement and bold beliefs of what is possible has turned into a job with obligations to get through, or worse a job you hate.


Hypoxia…. Just like a human body, our Employee Brain’s can be starved of critical resources. One of the most important is, meaningful work. In reality, meaningful work acts as oxygen to the Employee Brain and without oxygen, the Employee Brain shuts down causing a shortage in:

• Innovation/Creativity

• Engagement

• Motivation

Without these, our culture and profit suffer. So, it becomes critical to identify and construct the work we do around the Tingly Feeling as it gives every human a pathway to unleash their best work.

As individuals unleash their best work, It not only changes how they feel and perform but it impacts those around them- lifting the lid on their organizations highest potential.