When is the last time that you were actually lost?

We don't get lost often times because we have tools. And it's these tools that help us find what we're looking for, the most important things in life.

When it comes to work, 70 percent of our payroll goes to people who don't want to be there.

Employee’s are frustrated, disengaged, and struggling to see results. Workers with the same role, same task. One gets excited, one gets pissed.

So, we've used the contextual model of the employee brain to help us uncover The Tingly Feeling.

What is the tingly feeling?

It is the connection between our brain and our heart. Dopamine and oxytocin are released into our system to trigger reward, motivation and excitement.

What if the tingling feeling could help give us some context, maybe a way forward?

What if we could take the tingly feeling and we can begin to measure it?

So, we took the employee brain and we put it in the middle of a compass.

Wherever you are, if you're lost, if you're frustrated, if you can look and you know which way is the right way, then you can move and take action.

We began to do some research and these eight true north elements started to rise to the surface that we were then able to use to help people find their own Tingly Feeling.








Pace of work

So, if we can unlock the tingly feeling for somebody…

They can unleash their human potential.

They can unleash an unfair advantage.